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Addiction and Depression: The Vicious Cycle

In an article titled ?Addiction and Depression: The Vicious Cycle? featured in the Health section of About.com, Dr. Sackÿdiscusses the connection between addiction and depression. He begins the piece by explaining that while it is not always clear whether addiction and depression comes first ? or vice versa ? there is one important factor to note: ?When substance use co-occurs with mental illnesses such as depression, the issues can feed off each other, causing negative effects to multiply.? Read the full article online.ÿ

This Is Your Body On Booze

In an article titled ?This Is Your Body on Booze? featured on MensHealth.com, Dr. Sackÿtalks about how alcohol affects your brain. He states that alcohol doesn?t actually kill your brains cells, but can alter levels of neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers that control your mood, perception, and behavior. Read the entire article online.ÿ

Turning off the Worry

In a radio segment titled ?Turning off the Worry? featured on The Matt Townsend Show on BYU Radio, Dr. Sack discusses the programs offered at Elements? treatment centers for people who deal with depression and anxiety and how some may turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with these issues. Dr. Sack also goes through the ten different points from his article on Psychology Today. Listen to the entire segment online.ÿ

How Bad Is Booze, Really? 6 Crazy Facts About Drinking Alcohol

In an article titled ?How Bad Is Booze, Really? 6 Crazy Facts About Drinking Alcohol? featured on DailyBurn, Dr. Sack helpsÿaddress some of the myths and truths about alcohol. Dr. Sack provides the second and fifth tip.

In tip 2, ?You could be counting carbs all wrong,? Dr. Sack explains that beer has the most amount of calories, however by opting for a light beer, it?s still the same amount of wine or liquor. Dr. Sack also explains that while choosing hard liquor, be careful what you mix with because sodas and juices are higher in sugar and carbs, making the drink higher in carbs/calories.

In tip 5, ?Alcohol might not actually be helping you sleep better,? Dr. Sack notes that while alcohol may help you sleep now, it can disrupt sleep homeostasis, the process that helps your body regulate sleep. Additionally, if you start relying on alcohol to help you sleep, this can lead to problems down the road.

Read the full article online.

A Woman?s Health on Weed

In an article titled ?A Woman?s Health on Weed? featured in the February issue of Glamour Magazine, Dr. Sack helpsÿdebunk the myths and bring to light the truths surrounding Marijuana. Dr. Sack talks about whether or not pot is safer than tobacco or booze, and whether or not teens should discourage their parents of smoking pot.ÿDr. Sack explains that while pot is less damaging than cigarettes, smoking marijuana can harm your breathing and affect your ability to operate a vehicle. Dr. Sack also notes that because the potency has tripled since our parents were younger, smoking can cause anxiety and addiction in older adults. Read the full article online.

10 Reasons Why A Pet Makes Your Life Amazing

In an article titled ?10 Reasons Why A Pet Makes Your Life Amazing? featured on the online version of Good Housekeeping,ÿDr. Sack provides benefit number six, which is about how pets decrease stress, stating, ?One of Promises? core beliefs is that we need to remove obstacles that prevent people from getting help. We are committed to making Promises a safe and reassuring homelike environment. And what could be more like home than to have your pet accompany you?? Read the full article online.

How to Keep Guests From Driving Drunk When The Holiday Party?s Over

In an article titled ?How to Keep Guests From Driving Drunk When The Holiday Party?s Over? featured on Healthline.com, Dr. Sack talks aboutÿthe dangers of driving while intoxicated during the holidays. Dr. Sack offers tips on how to avoid driving impaired following a holiday get-together, stating ?Nobody says you have to serve alcohol at a holiday party?make it clear that you are celebrating each other, not booze. And if you?ve been drinking, don?t come. It?s your party and you get to set the rules.? Read the full article online.

Finding Help With Your ADD

In a radio segment titled ?Finding Help With Your ADD,? which aired on Bloomberg Radio, Dr. Sackÿdiscusses ADHD and the topic of drug therapy and young children. Dr. Sack also advises on how to evaluate children, explaining it?s not reliable to use only one test to make a diagnosis. Dr. Sack talks about how there needs to be better training for pediatricians who have limited experience so they can be better equipped to make an assessment before putting a child on medicine. Listen to the entire segment online.

Death From Prescription Drugs Skyrocket

In an article titled ?Death From Prescription Drugs Skyrocket? featured in Union Times San Diego, Dr. Sack discusses the 254 deaths in San Diego County last year that resulted from an overdose of prescription drugs. Dr. Sack lists out and explains the three types of prescription drugs that people tend to overdose, which include Opioids, Benzodiazepines and Stimulants. Dr. Sackÿexplains that abuse often starts once someone is prescribed a drug, and that because these drugs can be habit-forming, people can quickly spiral out of control. Dr. Sack notes that prescription drugs are seen as providing an exceptional high while being both ?safer? than street drugs and easier to find, but in reality, these drugs aren?t safer at all. Read the entire article online.

Taking a Wide View of Domestic Violence

In an article titled ?Taking a Wide View of Domestic Violence? featured in the life sectionÿofÿHitched Magazine, Dr. Sack responds to the recent NFL allegations and discusses the grim reality of domestic abuse in on our culture. Dr. Sack includes information on the link to future abuse and how someone could become violent, and also explains why it?s difficult for one to leave their abuser and provides ways to help and support someone who is being abused. Read the entire article online.