Heroin: Easier for your teen to score than beer

In this article about teen heroin use on SheKnows.com, Dr. Sack explains to parents that the ease and ability to get heroin is much higher than it has ever been before making it one of today’s “mainstream” drugs. Dr. Sack says this growing epidemic is something parents need to be aware of and education themselves about.  When asked to talk about the ways teens end up using heroin, Dr. Sack  says,”many people are getting their first exposure to opiates through prescription narcotic medications. They develop a sense of safety around these medications even though they are highly lethal and account for most of the increase in overdose deaths. Adding that of the steady increase in heroin addicts he has seen, in most cases the heroin addiction follows prescription drug addiction or abuse.”

Read the entire article on SheKnows.com.

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