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Choose the Right Addiction Therapy Program to Ensure Recovery

In ?Choose the right addiction therapy program to ensure recovery? in the Health & Wellness and Addictions section on Dr. Sack discusses how to choose an addictionÿtreatment centerÿthat?s right for you. Dr. Sack suggests finding a treatment program that?s tailored for your needs and says, ?doing your research and spending some time honestly assessing your issues and needs will boost your chances for a successful addiction therapy experience.? ÿRead the rest of Dr. Sack?s advice on choosing an addiction treatment program online.

The High Risk of Relapse Leading to Accidental Overdose

In ?The High Risk of Relapse Leading to Accidental Overdose? on, Dr. Sack explains that, for addicts who relapse, overdose is an all too frequent occurrence. Dr. Sack says that it is this combination that proves fatal: ?The greatest risk to a person who is in early treatment and who relapses is the threat of overdose because they have no tolerance but also they often have poor judgment in how much they should be using.? Read the entire article here.

Holiday Addictions

Dr. Sack talked to WGN-TV in Chicago about dealing with addictions during the holidays. The segment covered four components:

  • Knowing the line between over indulging and mental illness
  • Warning signs that friend and relatives should watch out for
  • What loved ones can do for an addict who refuses to get help
  • How do you get someone to change their ways if there is a genetic issue?

Watch the interview below

Dr. Sack in U.S. News & World Report

In ?A Prepaid Card for Recovering Addicts? on U.S. News & World Report, Dr. Sack talks about a new prepaid credit card aimed at recovering addicts. In the article Dr. Sack says,

?Parents and loved ones often try to help the recovering addict get back on their feet by providing financial assistance, which in a moment of weakness gets spent on drugs and alcohol. The Next Step [prepaid] card could give those who want to help a way to provide support without enabling and, at the same time, help recovering addicts develop life skills, which is particularly crucial in the difficult early stages of recovery. While there is no fail-safe tool that can prevent relapse, this card will provide those who are motivated to stay sober and become financially independent with some of the information and tools they need to do so.?


Lifting The Cloud Of Early Recovery: How To Stop Being Confused And Start Thinking Straight

Early recovery is a confusing time, not only because returning to ?normal? life outside rehab can be jarring but also because the brain takes time to heal from the cognitive impairments caused by prolonged drug use. With the aid of neuroimaging, we can see the physical changes that take place in the brain as a result of addiction, and we know that in most cases, it can repair itself over time.

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