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Addiction and a Pill that Could Help with Alcoholism

Dr.ÿSack was featured on the national show, Newsmax Now,ÿin a segment titled, ?Dr. David Sack discusses an addiction and a pill that could help with alcoholism.? ÿWatch the video here.

America Weekend

Listen to Dr. Sack?s interview on America Weekend below. The segment included talking points on addiction and mental health awareness month and the stigma of receiving treatment, porn addiction via technology, food addiction: including sugar addiction and caffeine, addiction via technology across the board including online sports gambling and what signs should be looked for when trying to spot addiction. The segment also included touching on addiction and policies with regards to cost of addictive products such as nicotine and the government and insurance being held accountable for enforcing these parody law. Lastly, the interview discussed presidential candidates and the topic of addiction.

Choose the Right Addiction Therapy Program to Ensure Recovery

In ?Choose the right addiction therapy program to ensure recovery? in the Health & Wellness and Addictions section on Dr. Sack discusses how to choose an addictionÿtreatment centerÿthat?s right for you. Dr. Sack suggests finding a treatment program that?s tailored for your needs and says, ?doing your research and spending some time honestly assessing your issues and needs will boost your chances for a successful addiction therapy experience.? ÿRead the rest of Dr. Sack?s advice on choosing an addiction treatment program online.

Rehab Specialists Struggle to Navigate Health Reform, New State Certification Process

In the article ?Rehab Specialists Struggle to Navigate Health Reform, New State Certification Process? on California Health Report, Dr. Sack talks about ways the Affordable Care Act is affecting treatment centers in California. Dr. Sack explains how the demand for addiction services is expected to increase and why treatment providers will ?have to become more efficient and look at what the best settings and strategies are.?

The Realities of Prescribing and Taking Meds for Alcohol Problems

Dr. Sack is featured in an article on aboutÿa study about prescribing medicine to treat alcoholism. In ?The Realities of Prescribing and Taking Meds for Alcohol Problems? Dr. Sack offers ÿinsight on acamprosate and naltrexone explaining that acamprosate is not effective for most clients and instead prefers to use naltrexone. Additionally, Dr. Sack also notes that some Promises physicians use topiramate, which is typically prescribed for AUDs and other psychological problems. ÿRead the entire article here.

Going to Rehab

In this article on WebMD, Dr. Sack discusses the types of addiction treatment programs, how these programs work, challenges faced by patients during and afterward, why these types of programs are the best option for some patients, and more. Dr. Sack says, ?Rehab shouldn?t be one-size-fits-all. Treatment should be tailored to the person and take into account his or her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The recovering addict needs help learning how to manage day-to-day life and its stresses, and to avoid triggers that may lead to relapse.? Read the entire article online.

It Is a Disease and Needs to Be Treated as Such

In this piece on the New York Times Opinion Pages, Dr. Sack writes

Addiction has three main characteristics that cause it to be considered a disease. First, it has a lifelong course characterized by frequent relapses, cross addiction and a common set of behavioral changes. Second, like other chronic medical disorders, genetics plays an important role is determining who is at risk to become addicted. Finally, there are effective medications that treat drug addiction by blocking the rewarding effects of drugs and decreasing drug cravings.

Read the entire article here.

How to Isolate and Treat Protracted Withdrawal Symptoms

In an article on, Dr. Sack talks about protracted withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). PAWS is the name of the condition that leaves recovering addicts and alcoholics feeling the worse for wear. PAWS is a series of post-acute symptoms of recovery from dependence on drugs including benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and opiates. Dr. Sack is quoted saying, ?the brain has tremendous capacity to heal, but it doesn?t heal quickly. In general, PAWS symptoms peak around four to eight weeks after quitting.? Read the entire article here.

Do You Have a Harmless Addiction?

In this HER Radio segment with Dr. Pamela Peeke, Dr. Sack explains that everyday activities that you may find to be therapeutic (like shopping, tanning, or exercising) have the potential to become just as addictive and destructive as drugs and alcohol. Dr. Sack then talks about how your gender, genes, family upbringing, and mental health issues all increase your risk of developing a dependency. He also shares how you can seek proper treatment. Listen to the entire show below:

Dr. Sack Discusses Equine Therapy on CBS 2 News, Los Angeles