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BYU Would Be Logical Next Step For Former USC Coach Steve Sarkisian

Dr. SackÿdiscussesÿUSC coach Steve Sarkisian?s troubles with alcoholÿin BYU Would Be Logical Next Step For Former USC Coach Steve Sarkisian onÿThe article discusses Sarkisian?s admission into rehab for alcohol addiction, what the next steps are in his treatment/recovery, and the growing trend of athletes recently seeking help for alcoholism. ÿRead the entire store here.

Choose the Right Addiction Therapy Program to Ensure Recovery

In ?Choose the right addiction therapy program to ensure recovery? in the Health & Wellness and Addictions section on Dr. Sack discusses how to choose an addictionÿtreatment centerÿthat?s right for you. Dr. Sack suggests finding a treatment program that?s tailored for your needs and says, ?doing your research and spending some time honestly assessing your issues and needs will boost your chances for a successful addiction therapy experience.? ÿRead the rest of Dr. Sack?s advice on choosing an addiction treatment program online.

The Realities of Prescribing and Taking Meds for Alcohol Problems

Dr. Sack is featured in an article on aboutÿa study about prescribing medicine to treat alcoholism. In ?The Realities of Prescribing and Taking Meds for Alcohol Problems? Dr. Sack offers ÿinsight on acamprosate and naltrexone explaining that acamprosate is not effective for most clients and instead prefers to use naltrexone. Additionally, Dr. Sack also notes that some Promises physicians use topiramate, which is typically prescribed for AUDs and other psychological problems. ÿRead the entire article here.

Going to Rehab

In this article on WebMD, Dr. Sack discusses the types of addiction treatment programs, how these programs work, challenges faced by patients during and afterward, why these types of programs are the best option for some patients, and more. Dr. Sack says, ?Rehab shouldn?t be one-size-fits-all. Treatment should be tailored to the person and take into account his or her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The recovering addict needs help learning how to manage day-to-day life and its stresses, and to avoid triggers that may lead to relapse.? Read the entire article online.

Binge Spending: Why Money & Alcohol Don?t Mix

The article highlights a number of true stories where individuals have consumed large quantities of alcohol and have made the mistake of shopping while under the influence. Dr. Sack explains that, ?people who drink may be prone to other impulse-control problems because the part of the brain that?s involved?the reward center?is driven by both of those activities in slightly different ways. We see a fair number of people who, in addition to drinking excessively, go through spending sprees where they literally buy up the store and have tremendous remorse and regret because they may not even remember having done it.? Additionally, Dr. Sack notes that not everyone who has buyer?s remorse after an alcohol-fueled expenditure needs professional help, however, there are ways to protect yourself from this type of retail regret. Read the full article on

Women & Alcohol Abuse: The Hidden Epidemic

David Sack, MD, board certified in Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, reports that nearly one million American women are binge drinkers; and they aren?t just sorority girls. The more educated and well off women are, the more likely they are to imbibe, found a Gallup poll from 2010. Another study published in 2010 found that white women were more likely to drink than women of other racial backgrounds, though the rates for Latina and black women were rising.

Dr. Sack joins Dr. Peeke to discuss women and binge drinking and the science behind alcohol consumption on HER Radio. Listen to the segment below:

Let?s Call Alcohol Poisoning What It Really Is: Drug Overdose

It?s that time of year when tropical locations and the smell of alcohol beckon to teens and college kids looking to shed their inhibitions and bring home wild stories for their friends. Spring is also a great time to get real about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Last year at this time, reports came in about the heartbreaking deaths of unsuspecting spring breakers, including a 19-year-old University of Florida freshman whose blood alcohol concentration was five times the legal limit. Her friends took her to bed because she was having a hard time walking, and she was found dead in a friend?s condominium the next morning. Later that year, alcohol poisoning took the lives of 27-year-old Grammy-winning singer Amy Winehouse and Warrant singer Jani Lane. (more?)