Dr. Sack Talks to CBSNews.com About the Deadly Combination of Alcohol and Heroin

In an article titled, “Cory Monteith: How heroin and alcohol form deadly combo” Dr. David Sack discusses Cory Monteith’s heroin addiction and untimely death. In the article, Dr. Sack talks about the treatment for heroin addiction, the likelihood of relapse, and signs your loved one is abusing opioid drugs like heroin. Dr. Sack explains that, “Following treatment, people may also try to dive back into their old routines before they’re ready. For entertainers like Monteith, work schedules can fluctuate between periods that are very active and intense – sometimes with added sleep deprivation – to stretches of idleness and open time, which could be tough on recovering addicts.”  Read the entire article here.

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