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Dr. David Sack on CNN

CNN reached out to Promises Treatment Centers? CEO Dr. David Sack recently to discuss opiate addiction and to shed light on the incidence of relapse among addicts who have completed treatment.

?Facilitators? who surround the highly affluent, those who travel in artistic circles, are the enemy of the addict, Dr. Sack told CNN?s ?Erin Burnett OutFront? newscast. And in fact, many artists ?view drugs as part of the creative process, part of the lifestyle,? he said.

Dr. Sack Featured on talkSPORT Radio

In the interview, Dr. Sack talks about how many athletes can be vulnerable to drug and alcohol addiction due to a number of reasons such as how it?s hard to adjust to normal life when involved in such intense games and matches and how many athletes struggle when they are not around their families for long periods of time and have no support.

He also talks about how injuries are a huge factor because athletes can become addicted to pain medications which can ultimately spin out of control.ÿ Dr. Sack mentions how sports organizations have a responsibility to educate the younger athletes about the risks and offer early intervention and treatment for those who are struggling.ÿ Listen to the interview here.

Dr. David Sack on The O?Reilly Factor after News of Cory Monteith Overdose

Bill O?Reilly poses the question: do we have a more lax attitude toward drugs and does the media glamorize drug use? Watch Dr. Sack respond:

Dr. Sack Talks to CBSNews.com About the Deadly Combination of Alcohol and Heroin

In an article titled, ?Cory Monteith: How heroin and alcohol form deadly combo? Dr. David Sack discusses Cory Monteith?s heroin addiction and untimely death. In the article, Dr. Sack talks about the treatment for heroin addiction, the likelihood of relapse, and signs your loved one is abusing opioid drugs like heroin. Dr. Sack explains that, ?Following treatment, people may also try to dive back into their old routines before they?re ready. For entertainers like Monteith, work schedules can fluctuate between periods that are very active and intense ? sometimes with added sleep deprivation ? to stretches of idleness and open time, which could be tough on recovering addicts.? ÿRead the entire article here.

Dr. David Sack, Media Reel

Dr. Sack on Australian TV Discussing Celebrity Addiction