Dr. Sack Talks About Sizzrup on BBC UK Radio 5

Codeine and promethazine are the primary ingredients of Sizzurp. The effects of Sizzurp are sedation, euphoria, and dizziness and can be very dangerous when mixed with other medicines. Listen to Dr. Sack talk more about the dangers of Sizzurp and why the risk of death is very real in this interview with BBC UK Radio 5 Live.

Dr. Sack Talks About Evzio with KCRW’s Madeleine Brand on Press Play

Dr. Sack recently spoke on-air with Madeleine Brand of NPR’s KCRW-FM during the ‘Press Play’ program. The segment on “Personal Overdose Device” discussed the FDA’s recent approval of Evzio, the first hand-held auto-injector to reverse opioid overdose. Evzio is specifically designed to be given by family members or caregivers instead of medical professionals.

Dr. Sack explains that Naloxone, a drug that has been around for 25 years and blocks the effects of opiate drugs, previously had to be administered by someone with medical training. With Evzio, Naloxone can now be self-administrated, or can be quickly used by a non-professional, in time to save someone’s life during an overdose. Dr. Sack also talks about the symptoms of an overdose and some of the reasons behind the rise of overdoses over the past decades.

One of the biggest points of conversation was whether or not this new drug will “allow” or “encourage” people to do more drugs. Dr. Sack explains that the first part is breaking through denial. People are not choosing to use drugs based on “how safe the drugs are” and notes that we are in an overdose epidemic now.

Listen to the segment below.

As Heroin Deaths Spike, Families Deal with Grief on CBSNews.com

Dr. Sack was featured on CBSNews.com in an article titled, “As heroin deaths spike, families deal with grief.” In the article, Dr. Sack said that deaths linked to heroin have increased in the last five years and are steadily going up. Dr. Sack explained that prescription opiates have become more expensive, putting pressure on addicts to look for other solutions like heroin, which is cheaper and more potent. Additionally, Dr. Sack is quoted saying that, “there is an epidemic of prescription drug abuse that involves medications that are opiates, and heroin is sort of the king of opiates.” Read the entire article on CBSNews.com.

Dr. David Sack on CNN

CNN reached out to Promises Treatment Centers’ CEO Dr. David Sack recently to discuss opiate addiction and to shed light on the incidence of relapse among addicts who have completed treatment.

“Facilitators” who surround the highly affluent, those who travel in artistic circles, are the enemy of the addict, Dr. Sack told CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” newscast. And in fact, many artists “view drugs as part of the creative process, part of the lifestyle,” he said.

The High Risk of Relapse Leading to Accidental Overdose

In “The High Risk of Relapse Leading to Accidental Overdose” on thefix.com, Dr. Sack explains that, for addicts who relapse, overdose is an all too frequent occurrence. Dr. Sack says that it is this combination that proves fatal: “The greatest risk to a person who is in early treatment and who relapses is the threat of overdose because they have no tolerance but also they often have poor judgment in how much they should be using.” Read the entire article here.

Dr. Sack Talks to CBSNews.com About the Deadly Combination of Alcohol and Heroin

In an article titled, “Cory Monteith: How heroin and alcohol form deadly combo” Dr. David Sack discusses Cory Monteith’s heroin addiction and untimely death. In the article, Dr. Sack talks about the treatment for heroin addiction, the likelihood of relapse, and signs your loved one is abusing opioid drugs like heroin. Dr. Sack explains that, “Following treatment, people may also try to dive back into their old routines before they’re ready. For entertainers like Monteith, work schedules can fluctuate between periods that are very active and intense – sometimes with added sleep deprivation – to stretches of idleness and open time, which could be tough on recovering addicts.”  Read the entire article here.

Dr. Sack Featured on CBSNews.com

In a report on CBSNews.com about the latest CDC findings that painkiller overdose deaths by women are up 400% over the last decade Dr. Sack explains “that there was a push to treat pain symptoms 40 years ago, which increased the frequency of painkiller prescription. He said people feel comfortable using prescription drugs because they come from pharmacies and doctors, but do not realize they can have devastating effects if used together or if someone takes too many.”  Read more at CBSNews.com.

Dr. Sack Featured on Inland News Today

In “Opiate overdose deaths ‘skyrocketed’ in women” Dr. Sack says that “unlike illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine, prescription painkillers such as hydrocodone, oxycodone and fentanyl have a patina of legitimacy, people assume that because it’s prescribed by a doctor, it’s safe. Most of the fatalities aren’t on a single medicine. It’s a mix of medicines and that’s why when you mix alcohol and opiate drugs, it’s a deadly combination.” Read the full article at InlandNewsToday.com.

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