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Nicotine Patch Greatly Increases Your Chances of Quitting Smoking

eb_large (1)Dr. Sack?s article titled, ?The nicotine patch can greatly increase your chances of quitting cigarettes and chew?, is currently being featured on (40,000 UVPM). The article starts off by stating that Americans spend $1.5 billion per year on nicotine replacement products, and Dr. Sack offers Do?s and Don?ts when quitting smoking by using the patch. For ?Do?s?, he includes: take the proper dose, wear the patch most of the day, change locations, talk to your doctor about duration of use and address the underlying issues. For ?Don?ts?, he includes: don?t put off using the patch until you quit, don?t limit yourself to the patch alone, don?t ignore negative side effects, don?t wear the patch to bed if it disrupts sleep and don?t ignore smoking triggers.