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Sugar Is a ?Drug? and Here?s How We?re Hooked

In an article titled, ?Sugar Is a ?Drug? and Here?s How We?re Hooked? on Healthline.com Dr. Sackÿ discusses how sugar works like many addictive drugs and that the ?prevalence and promotion of sugary foods and beverages, coupled with how it affects our brains, make addiction an issue.?ÿ Dr. Sack also talks about how not enough parents are educating their children about healthy nutrition, and that the parents may be reinforcing bad eating habits.ÿÿ Dr. Sack also states that ?the biggest problem we?ve seen is that parents who are overweight or obese themselves feed these food to their kids and don?t see it as abnormal.?ÿ Read the full article here.

Protecting Home Turf in the Fight Against Processed Food

hpDr. Sack?s article titled, ?Protecting Home Turf in the Fight Against Processed Food?, is currently being featured in the Healthy Living section of The Huffington Post (32 Million UVPM). Dr. Sack discusses whether or not junk food is addictive, and offers tips families can follow to prevent themselves from junk food addiction, including to: Leverage Your Buying Power, Take Initiative, Be Health-Inspired, Read Labels and to Decode Marketing Messages.