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Los Angeles Times Op-Ed

In ?We need to start child-proofing pot,? featured in the LA Times Op-Ed section, Dr. Sackÿdiscusses the dangers that the legalization of marijuana will have on children and that risks that children will grow up to believe that ?pot is no big deal,? when in reality, it?s the complete opposite.ÿRead the article online here or the PDF here.Los Angeles Times Op-Ed

Dr. David Sack on The O?Reilly Factor after News of Cory Monteith Overdose

Bill O?Reilly poses the question: do we have a more lax attitude toward drugs and does the media glamorize drug use? Watch Dr. Sack respond:

Dr. Sack in Teen Vogue

Dr. David Sack discusses the increased use of marijuana and its legalization across the country in ?Stoned Age: The Real Risks of Getting High? on In the article, David Sack, M.D., CEO of Promises Treatment Centers, explains that there is a link between teens who smoke pot and an increased likelihood of developing schizophrenia. In addition, Dr. Sack says that marijuana can cause panic attacks and racing heartbeats, leading some people to believe they?re having a heart attack. Read the full article here.

Is Medical Marijuana Good Medicine?

Many claims about pot?s beneficial effects just don?t hold up. ÿRead Dr. Sack?s editorial in the LA Times, Is Medical Marijuana Good Medicine?


Dr. Sack on The Doctors Discussing Medical Marijuana in Children with ADHD

Dr. David Sack, Media Reel