America Weekend

Listen to Dr. Sack’s interview on America Weekend below. The segment included talking points on addiction and mental health awareness month and the stigma of receiving treatment, porn addiction via technology, food addiction: including sugar addiction and caffeine, addiction via technology across the board including online sports gambling and what signs should be looked for when trying to spot addiction. The segment also included touching on addiction and policies with regards to cost of addictive products such as nicotine and the government and insurance being held accountable for enforcing these parody law. Lastly, the interview discussed presidential candidates and the topic of addiction.

Could It Be Adult ADHD?

In their Health Matters section of Max Sports and Fitness Magazine, Dr. Sack discusses the signs and prevalence of adult ADHD. Dr. Sack explains that people with ADHD are less successful than their intelligence would predict and says that most adults with ADHD have problems getting work done on time and forgetfullness. Dr. Sack is also included in the “Tips for Coping with Adult ADHD” section of the article, where he suggests choosing your career wisely as well as seeing a therapist. Read the entire article online.

21-Day Mind Diet Challenge

In the “21-Day Mind Diet Challenge” on Dr. Sack says we should cleanse out minds regularly from toxic thoughts that build up and hinder us from a positive outlook. Dr. Sack says, “A 21-day mind diet can be a way to refocus attention on your mental health. As with any habit, the key to a positive outlook is practice and repetition – like strengthening a muscle.” He also says a positive mindset goes beyond a 21-day challenge and approaching positive thinking is a work in progress. Read the full article online at

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