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Good Day Doug Stephan?s Show

Listen toÿDr. Sack?s recent interview from Good Day Doug Stephan?s Show which focused on World Mental Health Day (October 10th) and touched upon Democratic White House front-runner Hillary Clinton focusing her campaign platform on treating addiction and doing so with a $10 billion plan.

There?s Nothing Weird About Being A Comic Con Geek

In an article titled ?There?s Nothing Weird About Being A Comic Con Geek?ÿfeatured on The Huffington Post, Dr. Sack talks about why people are drawn to this type of event and explores whether or not it qualifies as an obsession. ?An interest in sci-fi characters can be a healthy thing if used as a way of mini-breaks from reality ? ones that leave us more refreshed to return to it,? Dr. Sack says. Dr. Sack also talks about how playing dress-up at Comic Con can provide key psychological benefits and even help some maintain their self-confidence. ?Play has been shown to lower stress and anxiety, improve problem-solving, and make out relationships better,? Dr. Sack says. Read the entire article online.

To Keep Your Job, Quit Trying to Be Perfect

The ?To Keep Your Job, Quit Trying to Be Perfect? in The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Sack discusses the risks of being a perfectionist at work and that by setting high standards may actually not be best way to succeed. The editor also notes that those who aim for perfection can risk an ?imperfect? career. Dr. Sack explains that ?Perfectionists can become better bosses if they stop assuming that ?mine is the only solution or the best solution.ÿ Nobody wants to be commanded to do things your way.? Download and read a PDF.

Being a Cynic May Triple Your Risk for Dementia

In Being a Cynic May Triple Your Risk for Dementia on Live in the Now, Dr. Sack explains that ?the mind and body are intricately connected, with what we think and feel having a profound effect on our physical health. Negative emotions can fuel anxiety and depression, which can in turn cause or contribute to health problems such as heart disease.? How can you overcome cynicism? Dr. Sack?s suggestions include being vulnerable, avoid jumping to conclusions, and getting professional help if necessary. Read the entire article here.

Dr. Sack quoted in ? Is happy the new sexy??

In an article on that discusses the notion that people who have a positive outlook on life attract more attention and have a better relationship/sex life Dr. Sack explains that, ?humans have evolved to be attracted to partners who are likely to improve our odds of survival.? Additionally, he discusses that research has focused on our preference for traits that signal physical health, but it also means finding a partner that is emotionally and mentally healthy. Dr. Sack also adds that ?too much stress can lead to premature aging, heart disease and a number of health problems that could interfere with our biological directive to propagate the species.? Read the full article here.

21-Day Mind Diet Challenge

In the ?21-Day Mind Diet Challenge? on Dr. Sack says we should cleanse out minds regularly from toxic thoughts that build up and hinder us from a positive outlook. Dr. Sack says, ?A 21-day mind diet can be a way to refocus attention on your mental health. As with any habit, the key to a positive outlook is practice and repetition ? like strengthening a muscle.? He also says a positive mindset goes beyond a 21-day challenge and approaching positive thinking is a work in progress. Read the full article online at

Inverview with Marvelous Girl on the ?Psychological Effects of Abduction?

Marvelous Girl spoke to psychiatrist, Dr. David Sack MD, CEO of Promises Treatment Center,ÿto discuss the psychological effects of abduction, such as the tragic Ohio kidnappings, and what it means for the victims.ÿThe article discusses the psychological effects and recovery process for children who have experienced abduction.ÿDr. Sack explains that, ?in the weeks and months following a traumatic event, some people develop post-traumatic stress disorder. They may have difficulty sleeping because of nightmares, anxiety and frightening thoughts.? He also discusses the role that loved ones play in the recovery process and the loved one?s experience.

Living on the Edge: Debts Increase Risk of Depression and Suicide

In this article on, Dr. Sack discusses how financial strain can lead to depression and how debt, depression and addiction work hand-in-hand.ÿ Additionally, money is essential for living and when debt piles up it can affect your overall health.

?Each problem reinforces the other and creates a cycle that can be difficult to break,? he said.

Some consumers are drawn into debt because of addiction, whereas others that are strapped with debt become more depressed as the bills pile up.

?These individuals are visibly weighed down by shame and guilt surrounding their drug use and its consequences, which leads to further drug and alcohol use,? Sack said. ?It can become a self-perpetuating cycle.

Read the entire article at

Dr. Sack featured in Health Magazine

Dr. Sack is currently being featured in the March 2013 issue of Health Magazineÿ in his own section of an article titled, ?Best Shape: Wine or Your Waistline?? Dr. Sack?s section titled, ?What Happened to my Will Power?? on page 50, discusses how your brain and willpower work once you are under the influence. The info-graphic breaks down the brain changes that will most likely make you over eat when you are drinking and includes information on the hypothalamus, the hippocampus, the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex. (more?)

Dr. Sack Featured in Details Magazine

Dr. Sack is featured in February?s issue of Details Magazine in the add-on section ?Six Surprising Triggers? in an article titled ?Panic Nation.?

Details MagazineDetails Magazine

Details Magazine