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Dr. Sack Featured on talkSPORT Radio

In the interview, Dr. Sack talks about how many athletes can be vulnerable to drug and alcohol addiction due to a number of reasons such as how it?s hard to adjust to normal life when involved in such intense games and matches and how many athletes struggle when they are not around their families for long periods of time and have no support.

He also talks about how injuries are a huge factor because athletes can become addicted to pain medications which can ultimately spin out of control.ÿ Dr. Sack mentions how sports organizations have a responsibility to educate the younger athletes about the risks and offer early intervention and treatment for those who are struggling.ÿ Listen to the interview here.

Dr. Sack Featured on

In a report on about the latest CDC findings that painkiller overdose deaths by women are up 400% over the last decade Dr. Sack explains ?that there was a push to treat pain symptoms 40 years ago, which increased the frequency of painkiller prescription. He said people feel comfortable using prescription drugs because they come from pharmacies and doctors, but do not realize they can have devastating effects if used together or if someone takes too many.?ÿ Read more at

Dr. Sack Featured on Inland News Today

In ?Opiate overdose deaths ?skyrocketed? in women? Dr. Sack says that ?unlike illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine, prescription painkillers such as hydrocodone, oxycodone and fentanyl have a patina of legitimacy, people assume that because it?s prescribed by a doctor, it?s safe. Most of the fatalities aren?t on a single medicine. It?s a mix of medicines and that?s why when you mix alcohol and opiate drugs, it?s a deadly combination.? Read the full article at