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Dr. Sack Talks About Sizzrup on BBC UK Radio 5

Codeine and promethazine are the primary ingredients of Sizzurp. The effects of Sizzurp are sedation, euphoria, and dizziness and can be very dangerous when mixed with other medicines. Listen to Dr. Sack talk more about the dangers of Sizzurp and why the risk of death is very real in this interview with BBC UK Radio 5 Live.

As Heroin Deaths Spike, Families Deal with Grief on

Dr. Sack was featured on in an article titled, ?As heroin deaths spike, families deal with grief.? In the article, Dr. Sack said that deaths linked to heroin have increased in the last five years and are steadily going up. Dr. Sack explained that prescription opiates have become more expensive, putting pressure on addicts to look for other solutions like heroin, which is cheaper and more potent. Additionally, Dr. Sack is quoted saying that, ?there is an epidemic of prescription drug abuse that involves medications that are opiates, and heroin is sort of the king of opiates.? Read the entire article on

Number of Women Addicted to Painkillers Rising

Dr. Sack appeared in a segment on America Now News discussing the rise of prescription drug addiction among women. America Now News is a daily television magazine program hosted by Leeza Gibbons and Bill Rancic, featuring ?news you can really use? on lifestyle topics such as health, diet, family and pets.

Dr. Sack explains how addiction to pain medications is an epidemic and the reason why women are more vulnerable to prescription medication abuse is because they have an higher incidence of depression and anxiety disorders. Dr. Sack talks about warning signs to look out for including sudden irresponsibility, excessive drowsiness, irritability, or losing pills and running out early. Dr. Sack recommends talking to their doctor directly and sharing what the problems are with the medications they are using.

Dr. Sack Featured on

In a report on about the latest CDC findings that painkiller overdose deaths by women are up 400% over the last decade Dr. Sack explains ?that there was a push to treat pain symptoms 40 years ago, which increased the frequency of painkiller prescription. He said people feel comfortable using prescription drugs because they come from pharmacies and doctors, but do not realize they can have devastating effects if used together or if someone takes too many.?ÿ Read more at

Lil Wayne Sizzurp Binge a Cautionary Tale, Dr. Sack Tells Fox News

Last week, 30-year-old rapper Lil Wayne was hospitalized after suffering seizures. While details are still unconfirmed, it is suspected that his condition resulted from an overdose of a drug called ?sizzurp.? Dr. David Sack recently appeared on Fox News to discuss sizzurp.ÿ Dr. David Sack recently appeared on Fox News to discuss sizzurp.