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Taking a Wide View of Domestic Violence

In an article titled ?Taking a Wide View of Domestic Violence? featured in the life sectionÿofÿHitched Magazine, Dr. Sack responds to the recent NFL allegations and discusses the grim reality of domestic abuse in on our culture. Dr. Sack includes information on the link to future abuse and how someone could become violent, and also explains why it?s difficult for one to leave their abuser and provides ways to help and support someone who is being abused. Read the entire article online.

Dr. Sack Talks Domestic Violence in ESPN Radio

In ESPN?s ?New York Sports and Beyond? segment, Dr. Sackÿspoke about domestic violence issues among NFL athletes and society as a whole. Dr. Sack explained why partner violence occurs as well as its origins, noting that it often stems from an abusive family history. Dr. Sack also talked about warning signs to be on the lookout for and gave advice on how to help family and friends that may be in a violent relationship. Dr. Sack explained that increased education and communication holds the key to raising awareness for domestic violence, as well as better preparing people for what can happen in an unhealthy relationship. Listen to the interview online, or click below.

Dr. Sack quoted in ? Is happy the new sexy??

In an article on that discusses the notion that people who have a positive outlook on life attract more attention and have a better relationship/sex life Dr. Sack explains that, ?humans have evolved to be attracted to partners who are likely to improve our odds of survival.? Additionally, he discusses that research has focused on our preference for traits that signal physical health, but it also means finding a partner that is emotionally and mentally healthy. Dr. Sack also adds that ?too much stress can lead to premature aging, heart disease and a number of health problems that could interfere with our biological directive to propagate the species.? Read the full article here.