To Keep Your Job, Quit Trying to Be Perfect

The “To Keep Your Job, Quit Trying to Be Perfect” in The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Sack discusses the risks of being a perfectionist at work and that by setting high standards may actually not be best way to succeed. The editor also notes that those who aim for perfection can risk an ‘imperfect’ career. Dr. Sack explains that “Perfectionists can become better bosses if they stop assuming that “mine is the only solution or the best solution.  Nobody wants to be commanded to do things your way.” Download and read a PDF.

Prioritize This!

In this article about setting priorities and effective time management Dr. Sack says, “Email is the single most serious disruption to work productivity. People feel that they cannot let email sit while they get other work done.”  Read Dr. Sack’s tips for setting priorities and dealing with interruptions in this article on

The modern worker’s guide to health

Some of the tips I include to improving your health in the workplace include taking breaks and doing breathing exercises. Read more from at Mother Nature Network.

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