Bullied to death: Teen?s torment ended in I-85 tragedy

Dr. Sack was featured in this past Sunday?s issue of The Independent Tribune (Circ: 26,150 ), in an article titled, ?Bullied to death: Teen?s torment ended in I-85 tragedy?. The article, which was also featured on their website Hickory Record (104,000 UVPM), discusses the recent death of bullied teen, Derick John Thomason. The article dives into how bullies target these kids, the repercussions of ?toughing it out? and how the stress became too much for Derick to bear. Dr. Sack was quoted in the Warning Signs section of the article, saying that there is a lot of shame involved?. ?If a parent suspects that their child is being bullied, they should be alert to the signs of a problem, such as social isolation, aggression, difficult sleeping, fear of going to school and unexplained injuries.? Dr. Sack also added that parents should encourage a conversation about bullying, sharing their own experiences and asking general questions about how other kids treat each other at school.