Dr. Sack Featured on CBS News

Dr. Sack is currently being featured on CBSNews.com (7.5 Million UVPM) in an article titled, ?With drug overdose deaths on rise, experts push to recognize signs of addiction?. The article is the leading health story and is feature on CBS? home site, as well as the featured story in their Health section.

The article discusses drug addiction and encompasses a new report published in Tuesday?s Journal of the American Medical Association which shows that drug overdose deaths were on the rise for the 11th straight year. The article includes various quotes from Dr. Sack including the highlights of Promises? treatment modalities, the prevalence of opioid drugs especially in younger aged kids and signs of coworkers and/or loved ones who might be an addict.

For co-workers, this could mean noticing they are becoming less reliable, coming later to work, missing deadlines, isolating themselves in their offices and having more unexcused absences or more absences attributed to illness, Dr. David Sack, CEO ofÿPromises Treatment Centers, told CBSNews.com. They may also have more financial problems like borrowing against their 401Ks or taking money out of their savings. Frequent medical visits for panic attacks or chest palpitations can also be a sign.