How Bad Is Booze, Really? 6 Crazy Facts About Drinking Alcohol

In an article titled ?How Bad Is Booze, Really? 6 Crazy Facts About Drinking Alcohol? featured on DailyBurn, Dr. Sack helps address some of the myths and truths about alcohol. Dr. Sack provides the second and fifth tip.

In tip 2, ?You could be counting carbs all wrong,? Dr. Sack explains that beer has the most amount of calories, however by opting for a light beer, it?s still the same amount of wine or liquor. Dr. Sack also explains that while choosing hard liquor, be careful what you mix with because sodas and juices are higher in sugar and carbs, making the drink higher in carbs/calories.

In tip 5, ?Alcohol might not actually be helping you sleep better,? Dr. Sack notes that while alcohol may help you sleep now, it can disrupt sleep homeostasis, the process that helps your body regulate sleep. Additionally, if you start relying on alcohol to help you sleep, this can lead to problems down the road.
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