The Risks of Drinking then Taking Anti-Anxiety Meds to Help You Sleep

Huff Post wrote an article on the issue of people drinking then popping an anti-anxiety med or other nervous system depressants to help them sleep and used a few quotes from me.

Despite the warning labels on the prescription pill bottle against mixing our drugs with alcohol, the fact is, people regularly do it, said Dr. David Sack, CEO ofPromises Treatment Centers. Having wine with dinner, followed by a prescription sleeping pill as a nightcap is all too common, especially among those 50 and older ? a demographic whose overall use of illicit drugs has been increasing.

?Most people don?t perceive alcohol as a drug,? Sack said. He notes that many women who don?t consider themselves alcoholics are binge drinkers ? downing three or more drinks in a two-hour period. ?They don?t think of alcohol as a drug, even though they are getting a buzz from it.?

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