Recent Stories in the Media

In November Medscape published an article, “Postelection Blues: Passing Reacting or Mental Health Threat?” in which I commented:

“I think many people identify with their candidate. It’s not just tha tthey’re rooting for them, but they feel a personal connection with that person. So when things don’t go as expected, the disappointment for the supporter can be as great as for the candidate…People have a profound attachment and a profound belief in what they are doing. So when things don’t work out, there isn’t just disappointment in what’s going to happen next year. They often feel like their hopes and core values have been abandoned.”

Also in November, my colleague, sex addiction expert Robert Weiss, MSW, C-SAT, was quoted in Prevention Magazine’s article “Why Powerful Men Cheat”:

But this was hardly the first notable guy to be caught with his pants down. From Bill Clinton to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the list of powerful, married men guilty of illicit love affairs is only going to get longer, says Rob Weiss, LCSW, director of intimacy and sexual disorders for Elements Behavioral Health.

“Behind every one of these men are a thousand other men and women, too,” says Weiss. “It’s a much more common problem than the isolated cases we see in the media.”

Also this month, my articles “Yes, We Can Reduce Incidence of Suicide” and “Acute Stress and PTSD: Sandy’s Longest-Lasting Devastation”  were published in the Huffington Post.