Quit smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco with the help of nicotine gum

Dr. Sack’s article about nicotine addiction and ways to quit smoking is featured on ExpertBeacon.com. The article discusses that an addiction to nicotine is one of the most difficult to beat, and Dr. Sack offers Do’s and Don’ts when quitting smoking. For “Do’s”, he includes: create a plan, choose the right strength, chew nicotine gum to fight cravings, buy non-nicotine gum and find healthy substitutes. For “Don’ts”, he includes: use nicotine gum for more than three months, smoke while using nicotine gum, chew too many pieces per day, chew nicotine gum like regular chewing gum and to not let the aid become the addiction. Read the full article at ExpertBeacon.com.