Dr. Sack Talks About Morbid Obesity on Yahoo!

Dr. Sack is featured in a five articles on Yahoo! Voices in a series of articles regarding super morbidly obese individuals and their enablers.

The first article titled, “Why Do Spouses of Bedridden Obese Overfeed Them?” Dr. Sack explains that the person who enables the addict, wants to show their unconditional love and acceptance for the obese individual.  Many of these enablers believe that “providing ‘help’ gives them some sense of control in an unmanageable situation.”

The second article titled, “How Do Bedridden Obese Manipulate Their Enabler?” Dr. Sack discusses that “changes in the chemistry of the brain can cause people struggling with food addiction to manipulate others if that’s what it takes to get more of their drug (food). If the enabler tries to stop enabling, the food addict may use a number of strategies to elicit compliance and may use threats, guilt and heartbreaking pleas that are extremely persuasive, especially when used against someone who is codependent.”