Quick Fix Synthetic Urine: Personal Review

If you’re searching for a product to help you pass a urine drug test, you have undoubtedly come across a Quick Fix synthetic urine review. There is no shame in indulging in a little recreational drug use from time to time. However, if you are an employee or in the job market, your weekend activities could spell doom for your career. Many employers across different industries administer workplace drug tests. The worst part is that these tests are often conducted on short notice, giving you little or no time to prepare.

A few months ago I found myself in a similar situation and I took my chances with Quick Fix synthetic urine. So I thought I’d use my experiences and create a comprehensive Quick Fix fake pee review. In this guide, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about using Quick Fix to pass a drug test – from the price and usage instructions to effectiveness and common mistakes to avoid. I’ll also answer all your burning questions, starting with “Is Quick Fix synthetic urine the best fake pee for drug test?” Additionally, I’ll briefly mention the Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit as an alternative option.

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Urine Simulation Kit
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  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
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Description of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Before I share my experience with Quick Fix synthetic urine, let’s familiarize ourselves with this product and its manufacturer.

What is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Quick Fix Synthetic urine is a type of artificial pee that is manufactured in a lab. This fake urine is designed to mimic the physical and chemical properties of actual human urine. Therefore, Quick Fix pee looks, smells, and foams just like human urine. It also contains chemical components that you’d expect to find in human urine including urea, creatine, uric acid, the correct pH, and a realistic specific gravity. These attributes make this fake pee virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Another option for simulating urine is the Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit, which also replicates these characteristics effectively.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is used in scientific experiments, alternative medicine, and in calibrating urine testing equipment. Therefore, laboratory piss needs to closely mimic human urine. You can therefore use good quality fake urine to pass drug tests without arousing suspicion.

The Quick Fix synthetic urine kit comes with everything you need to pass a drug test. It consists of:

  • Bottle of synthetic urine
  • Heating pad
  • Temperature strip
  • Rubber band
  • Flip cap
  • Detailed instructions

About Quick Fix

Quick Fix is a popular and well-established brand of synthetic urine that is manufactured by Spectrum Labs. This company has been an industry leader in the research and development of human urine for over two decades.

Besides laboratory urine, Spectrum Labs has also formulated other drug-testing solutions including detox drinks, detox shampoo, and a detox mouthwash. Whether you’re up against a urine, saliva, or hair drug test, you can choose from their collection of effective products.

  • Manufacturer: Spectrum Labs
  • Postal Address: 400S. 4TH STREET, SUITE 500, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101
  • Contact: 1-800-721-1414
Banner Testclear Urine Simulation Kit with Powdered Human Urine and Heater

Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
  • It’s undetectable

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Price and Return Policy

Quick Fix 6.3 plus by Spectrum Labs usually costs $45.95 but it’s currently on sale for $39.95. This is a small price to pay when your job is on the line. Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine will set you back $34.95, thanks to the ongoing sale.

If you regularly take drug tests, you can save by opting for a bundle deal. Quick Fix offers a value pack of 4 bottles of fake pee for the price of 3. In addition to synthetic urine, you can also pick up a range of accessories including leg straps, heat pads, Quick Hide pocket underwear, and a synthetic urine belt kit.

You’ll be pleased to know that Quick Fix offers a range of delivery options including overnight shipping and Saturday delivery. You can, therefore, choose a suitable option depending on how fast you need your package.

Quick Fix has a money-back guarantee should your test come back positive. What about returns? Unfortunately, their synthetic urine sales are final and non-refundable. However, in case of a lost or damaged order, notify the company within 72 hours of scheduled delivery/ delivery.

If you’re thinking of searching for, “Quick Fix synthetic urine near me” you can order directly from Spectrum Labs or an authorized retailer. This way, you can be confident that you’re getting an authentic urine kit. Alternatively, consider a Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit for a reliable solution.

A Story About the Author’s Personal Experience

Now, that you’re familiar with Quick Fix synthetic urine and the company behind this product, I’ll get into my personal experience using Quick Fix fake pee for urinalysis.

First things first, I’m 28 years old and a moderate weed smoker (I indulge around 4 times a week). I landed an interview for a job that I really wanted and one of their requirements was a pre-employment drug test.

Given that I’ve been smoking cannabis for years now, I was certain that my urine sample would not be clean by the time I took the test. I, therefore, needed to find a solution quickly.

Now, I have successfully used synthetic urine in the past to cheat a random drug test in my previous job. In that instance, I used Sub Solution synthetic urine. However, this brand of fake pee is quite pricey. I was certain that there was a more affordable option that was just as effective.

In my quest to find the ideal solution, I turned to the internet. Quick Fix fake pee was the stand-out option, thanks to countless positive Quick Fix 6.3 plus synthetic urine reviews from satisfied customers. I had also heard of this brand before and knew co-workers who had used this product to beat drug tests.

After I decided on Quick Fix, the first thing I realized was that there were two versions of this synthetic urine:

  • Quick Fix 6.2
  • Quick Fix 6.3 plus

I quickly found out that the only difference between the two is the amount of fake pee you’ll get, the formula is identical. Quick Fix 6.2 comes in a 2-ounce bottle, which is enough to fill a regular sample cup. Quick Fix 6.3 plus is the 3-ounce version, and the extra ounce can come in handy in case of an accidental spillage. Additionally, Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit is another reliable option to consider.

Just to be safe, I settled on the 3-ounce version. My next concern was “Where to buy Quick Fix synthetic urine?” To ensure that I was getting an authentic kit, I opted for the official manufacturer’s website. My package arrived on time and in a discreet box, which was a welcome bonus.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Instructions: How Did I Use It?

If you’ve opted for Quick Fix fake piss, you may be wondering “How to use Quick Fix synthetic urine to pass a drug test.” Well, I’ve got you covered.

The Quick Fix synthetic urine kit came with straightforward instructions that were easy to follow. Therefore, I was feeling confident rather than the typical fear that I would slip up and fail my drug test.

Quick Fix Photo 1

Here are the exact Quick Fix 6.3 plus synthetic urine instructions that I followed to beat my drug test.

I started preparing for the screening about an hour before I had to take the test. This would allow me enough time to get through the process without rushing.

The first step was to remove everything from the Quick Fix box. I then unscrewed the cap from the bottle of fake pee and warmed the synthetic urine in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Next, I applied the provided flip cap on the bottle and shook it to ensure even heat distribution. At this point, the temperature strip on the bottle was indicating a reading of 990F which is within the optimal range. Now that I had attained a desirable temperature value, I just needed to maintain it until I submitted my sample. The heating pad is designed to help users attain this goal. This process was similar to my previous experience with the Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit.

Quick Fix Photo 2

I unwrapped the provided heating pad and shook it to activate the heating element. This step is essential since the last thing you want to do is attach the fake pee to a cold heat pad. I then used the rubber band that was included in the kit to attach the heat pad to the bottle. I made sure that the heat pad was positioned opposite to the temperature strip. At this point my fake urine sample was ready, I just needed to smuggle it into the lab.

I prefer to hide the fake pee in underwear with a pocket for two reasons: body heat helps maintain the temperature of the sample, and lab technicians will not search your groin area.

With everything set up, I made the 20-minute drive to the lab. Once I was in the bathroom, I retrieved my bottle of fake pee. I checked the temperature strip and my sample was still within the acceptable range. I then shook the bottle, emptied its contents into the sample cup, and submitted the fake pee. And… It worked. I heard back from my employer with the job offer.

Banner Testclear Urine Simulation Kit with Powdered Human Urine and Heater

Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
  • It’s undetectable

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect in this world, everything has its pros and cons. Here are the benefits and pain points of Quick Fix synthetic urine.


  • Quick Fix synthetic urine instructions are clear and easy to follow. I had no trouble at all understanding the provided directions. All I had to do was heat the fake pee, maintain its temperature, and conceal it in the lab.
  • I found this synthetic urine to be effective as it worked for my pre-employment drug test. Quick Fix synthetic urine has the perfect composition with the correct pH level and realistic specific gravity.
  • Unlike powdered urine, Quick Fix artificial pee is ready to use as it does not need to be mixed with water.
  • Quick Fix 6.2 and 6.3 plus retail at $34.95 and $39.95 respectively. I found this price point to be reasonable for a product that has proven effective in bypassing drug tests.
  • This product is undetectable and toxin-free, and it can be used by both males and females.


  • To guarantee success, it’s crucial to manage the temperature of your synthetic urine effectively. Some opt for solutions like the Urine Simulation Kit to simulate urine accurately and mitigate any risks during a drug screening process.
  • Sneaking in fake urine can be nerve-wracking. Even though my fake pee was well-concealed, I was a bit anxious about being discovered and getting myself in trouble.
  • While Quick Fix synthetic urine has mostly positive reviews, there were a couple of negative reviews online. However, I must note that most synthetic urine brands had mixed reviews.


If you’re looking for the best synthetic urine of 2023 – 2024, Quick Fix is one of the most reliable brands that I’ve come across.

In my experience, this artificial urine kit is very easy to use. All you need to do is warm up the fake pee and use the heat pad to maintain the correct temperature. This means that you can prepare for an impromptu drug test in a matter of minutes.

If you’re considering using fake pee for a drug test, you’ve probably wondered “Can labs detect synthetic urine in 2023-2024?” Well, it depends on the quality of the synthetic urine. Fortunately, Quick Fix is good enough for workplace drug testing. This artificial urine looks, smells, and even froths like the real thing. What’s more, it has an excellent formula and you, therefore, don’t need to worry about getting detected.

During my research, I came across countless positive reviews from other users who’ve successfully used Quick Fix for urinalysis. This further boosts its credibility. Of course, you’ll need to carefully follow the user instructions when using Quick Fix or even the Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit to pass drug tests.

So there you go, Quick Fix is a good quality synthetic urine and I would not hesitate to use or recommend this product.

Good Luck!