TestClear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine: Personal Review

Drug testing has proven to be frequently associated with a plethora of feelings. Anxiety, for one, typically remains constant regardless of the synthetic products used to pass drug tests. TestClear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine has aided me in passing my drug test successfully on various occasions. It’s difficult to know how clean you are especially if you are someone like me who takes these drugs regularly. Requesting a drug test can create a strong fear of losing a job or being unable to get one.
They have shown that government and healthcare-related positions are the most jobs that require drug tests. Meanwhile, about 1500 other jobs require drug testing. This accounts for up to 40% of US workers requiring a drug test before and during hire. The numbers keep increasing with more employers requesting a urinalysis as part of their hiring process.

TestClear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine

Does TestClear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine Really Work?

Substance use is one of the leading causes of unemployment in the US. This is often because a drug tests not only what you consume, but also your psychosocial ability to carry out the job task assigned to you. In most cases, employers carry out drug tests in an unplanned manner just to get the best possible representation of a worker’s fitness. Due to this unplanned event and the need to retain their jobs, employees have resorted to using fake urine.

There are different reviews about this product on the internet today. However, I can confidently say that my job was retained because of this synthetic urine. At first, I was not sure of the potency of the product considering there are several products out there. I was in doubt and fear when I first used this product, but the awesome reviews I had seen before my drug test helped me to focus on the positivity of what this product could achieve. Users who intend to use this product can go through the  TestClear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine instructions; careful adherence to the instructions will make the process successful. I will recommend this to anyone about to take a urine drug test who is unsure of the outcome.

What is TestClear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine?

TestClear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine for THC detox is one common product that can help in successfully carrying out a urine test. You can use TestClear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine to pass a drug test, whether it was planned or unplanned. Due to its close similarity with human urine, it can pass through different laboratory assessments without being detected as a synthetic product. It made this possible because of its natural physical and chemical properties. The smell and colour are exactly similar to that of average human urine. Also, the chemical composition can pass through the laboratory assessments without being detected. It contains components such as potassium chloride, sodium chloride, urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It naturally embedded these chemical substances in human urine which gives it the properties needed to mimic human urine.

The kit contains:

  • One vial of the powdered urine
  • Two heat activators
  • One temperature strip
  • A 50ml medical transport vial

Where to Buy TestClear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine?

Testclear is the manufacturer of this product. The company manufactures other drug-related testing kits such as a hair drug test kit. Apart from the products, there are different programs available to help individuals who want to get clean from toxins and drugs. The urine kit costs $59.9 on the manufacturer’s official website. There is, however, no return policy for the unused product when it is bought. The return policy is only allowed for purchases made on the manufacturer’s website when there is a need to change from slow shipping to fast shipping. The already-ordered product with slow shipping will be sent back to the manufacturer before it gets delivered to the user, while a new order will be sent with fast shipping. They can also purchase this product in some retail stores in the US. However, some popular stores, like Amazon, do not sell the product.

My Personal Experience

Who am I?

My name is Williams, and I am 27 years old and working as a storage worker with Walgreens. I got this job at the age of 24, and so far, it has helped me provide for my family and achieve numerous goals. I have always smoked about 2-3 times daily since I was 22. My habit of drug use constantly increases with different stress-related events and has been an excellent form of relaxation for me. Just a year into this job, my employer requested a urine drug test with a notification about this from my line manager one week before the test. All my achievements and goals came crashing into my mind with the fear of failing this test. This was because I knew how difficult it could be to pass a drug test for a regular drug user.

Why Did I Use This Product?

To pass this test, I began my research on how to pass a drug test even with clear evidence of drug use within days of the test. There were different reviews about different products. However, a review explained how TestСlear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine helped the user pass three different drug tests from three different companies at different times. I eventually used this product for my urine drug test. This powdered urine has helped me pass different drug tests, even after my line manager requested this unplanned test.

Previous Experience

Before this particular drug test was requested by my line manager, I was required to carry out a planned drug test before the commencement of this job. As much as I knew about the test, I still had my fears about using my natural urine due to my regular drug use. For my first drug test, before I started this job, I used the Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine at that time. While using this product, I realized that it took longer to prepare. The preparation has a few more steps to follow and could easily get misused if not followed carefully. Also, the price for a Clear Choice Sub Solution is higher than this Test Clear Urine. Furthermore, the majority of Test Clear Powdered Urine reviews show that the product has a lot of advantages when used compared to a lot of other synthetic products.

My Recommendation

If you have a urine test that you need to successfully pass, TestClear Powdered Urine will help you achieve this. All you need to do is to purchase the product, preferably from the manufacturer directly, and follow the instructions for use. It takes a short time to get the product prepared and ready for use. You can also refrigerate it if you plan to use it 24-72 hours after making the preparation.

Instructions on How I Used This Product?

Urine drug tests are often not done in the same way by every employer that requests them. The majority of these tests go unsupervised, making it easy to submit synthetic urine instead of actual human urine. Reviews that state that TestClear Powdered Urine failed are often due to either error while preparing and using the product or inability to use the product due to all-around supervision while carrying out the test.

Here are a few steps I followed while using this product:

  • Ensure you have the TestClear Powdered Urine kit ready and your urine test is a few hours after the preparation is done. It is advisable to practice this process 3-5 times before carrying it out for your urine test. I was able to do this three times before my first use of this product. This gave me a little more confidence than I needed to use it successfully.
  • I poured the powdered urine into the 50-ml vial, making sure to do it before reaching the urine test centre.

Powdered Human Synthetic Urine Review 1

  • I slowly filled the vial with room-temperature water up to the top and sealed it with the blue cap provided.
  • After sealing the vial, I shook it vigorously to ensure that the powdered urine completely dissolved in the water.

Powdered Human Synthetic Urine Review 2

  • I unsealed the heat activator and connected it to the pre-mixed powdered urine. I positioned the heat activator directly across from the temperature strip.
  • I carefully monitored the temperature strip, aiming for the ideal range of 90–100 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it reached this temperature, I knew it was safe to use for the test. I can find detailed instructions in the accompanying manual.

Precautions While Using This Product

  • Always keep an eye on the temperature strip for any temperature changes. Any change in the ideal temperature can significantly affect the result of this test.
  • The kit comes in a 50-ml transportation plastic vial; ensure your mix is up to 50 ml, as you will require at least 45 ml for your urine test. Also, adding more than 75 mL of extra water will result in a dilution of the urine, which will be inadequate for use.
  • An extra heat activator is a component of the kit. You can use this heat activator in case there is a delay in getting started with the test and you notice a decline in the temperature from the temperature strip. Note that the temperature strip can be reused and is highly accurate. As an additional item, I purchased an extra heat activator and a digital thermometer just to ensure everything worked accurately before I carried the test out.
  • Carefully take the already-prepared vial into the test centre. While using this product, I made use of an additional kit, a urine belt, to carry the vial into the test room without being noticed.
  • There might be a need for an additional kit, such as a Whizzinator, especially when the test requires close contact supervision.
  • Your confidence in the test says a lot; if there is a sense of anxiety, it might unduly notice you, which might result in even more scrutiny than any other regular person. This is why familiarity with the process will give you the confidence required.

Pros and Cons of TestClear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of using this product from my experience:


  1. It was easy to prepare while I used the product without having to go through a long process.
  2. It was portable enough to be carried into the test room without being noticed by a supervisor.
  3. It helped me pass my urine drug test undetected in the laboratory, as it contains no extra synthetic materials that could be easily noticed in the lab.
  4. It was relatively cheaper than some other products, such as Clear Sub Solution. I was able to make this purchase without having to break the bank.
  5. I was able to refrigerate the product within 48 hours of usage with no alteration of the constituents of the product.


  1. The use of synthetic urine is illegal in some states in the US. It will be difficult for me or any user to use this product in regions where there is a ban on its use.
  2. While carrying out the dilution of the powder with water during preparation, appropriate use of the dilution ratio is necessary. This is because over-dilution could distort the test result and reduce its efficacy. I made this mistake while carrying out one of my practice sessions just before the actual urine test.
  3. The temperature of the urine can change within a short time when compared to other products. I had to use an extra heat activator when my test was delayed to keep the temperature within the desired range.


Despite the different urine test products on the global market today, the success of most of these products can be seen when compared to others. Some products contain synthetic preservatives, which could be detected while passing through a laboratory assessment. However, test-clear powdered urine has proven to be reliable in every way possible. I have personally used this product for three different urine tests and will still use it if a test is required. There is confidence that comes with carrying out a drug test with a product that has long been proven to be effective and excellent. You do not need to look any further; test-clear powdered urine will give you the desired result you need.